LED White Transilluminator
SW-04 White Light Panel

SW-04 SlimWhite for UltraSlim

White Light Panel, viewing 13 x 9 cm


MaestroGen SlimWhite SW-04, a white light panel, is designed to view colorimetric stained protein gels, coomassie blue or silver stained media.

MaestroGen SlimWhite SW-04 is not necessary to use UV for white light conversion.

MaestroGen SlimWhite SW-04 can be used alone, or combined with MaestroGen Ultraslim LED Transilluminator SLB-01W to form SLB-03W for viewing DNA, RNA and protein gels on the laboratory bench. SLB-03W can also be combined with gel documentation system MC-02.

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Download:MaestroGen_UltraSlim_SLB-03W(UltraSlim_SLB-01W&SlimWhite_SW-04) (2.1 MB)
Light guide plate with diffuser design

Easy Observation
Light source is under the gel, avoiding bubble and reflection

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(a) SW-04 SlimWhite: trans-illumination light is under the gel, avoiding bubble and reflection
(b) Others: epi-illumination light is above the gel with bubble and reflection affect

Cost Effectiveness
Long lifetime (~50,000 hrs), low power consumption

Compact size for your lab

Unnecessary to use UV for white light conversion

CE and FCC Certified
Cat. No.   SW-04
Viewing Size   13 x 9 cm
Light Source   White light LEDs
Power   12 V DC
Dimensions   D x W x H  170 x 118 x 12 mm
Weight   0.3 kg
Certification   CE and FCC