LED Transilluminator
LB-17 UltraBright LED Transilluminator

LB-17 UltraBright

LED Transilluminator, viewing 16x20 cm, RGB 630 530 470 nm


With specific filter (optioanl) to be used in front of the camera, people can use three

avelengths in the same instrument  to perform gel imaging. This makes gel imaging easier.

The coressponding filter is optional and Maestrogen only offer the the two specific types of

filter for 470 (B) / 530 (G).

 PS. Maestrogen wouldn't offer the filter for 630(R).

MaestroGen Ultrabright LED Transilluminator LB-16, LB-17 (522 KB)

• Safer to replace UV

• Strong R/G/B LEDs for excitation

• Triple wavelengths embedded in the same transilluminator

• Delta LED arrangement

• High uniformity across viewing area


Cat. No.   LB-17
Viewing Size   16 x 20 cm
Wavelength   630 nm(Red), 530 nm(Green) & 470 nm(Blue) 
Light Source   Red, Green & Blue LED light
Filter   Filters for Green & Blue, no filter for Red
Uniformity   CV <5% 
Power   24 V DC, 1.25A
Dimensions   D x W x H  28 x 34 x 8 cm
Weight   3.6 kg