DNA Stain, Loading Dye
MR-031201 MaestroSafe Nucleic Acid Loading Dye

MR-031201 MaestroSafe

Nucleic Acid Loading Dye


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Size: 1 ml

MaestroSafeTM Nucleic Acid Loading Dye represent a new and safe class of nucleic acid dye for visualization of double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, and RNA in agarose gels. The dye is developed to replace toxic Ethidium Bromide (EtBr, a potent mutagen), commonly used in gel electrophoresis for visualization of nucleic acids in agarose gels.

MaestroSafeTM Nucleic Acid Loading Dye is non-carcinogenic by the Ames-test. The results are negative in both the mouse marrow chromophilous erythrocyte micronucleus and mouse spermary spermatocyte chromosomal aberration tests.

With MaestroSafeTM Nucleic Acid Loading Dye, you do not need to add any dye to both gel matrix and running buffers. The dye is provided in a form of 6X sample loading dye and it is to be added to your sample only. The dyes completely eliminates any possible contamination of glassware or gel running tank as associated with EtBr. After the electrophoresis, view and document your results as you would do with EtBr staining protocols.

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The University of Edinburgh in UK recommends MaestroSafe TM : The University of Edinburgh

MaestroSafe TM Nucleic Acid Loading Dye emits green fluorescence for dsDNA or ssDNA, and red fluorescence for RNA.This dye has one excitation (470 nm) and two emission spectra (520 nm and 635 nm).

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Cloning efficiency of MaestroSafe TM and LED light, compared with EtBr and UV light:
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According to the cloning efficiency test, DNA stained with EtBr and exposed by UV light will reduce the efficiency of cloning. The combination of MaestroSafe TM and LED light shows a better cloning efficiency.

Cat. No.   MR-031201
Size    1ml
Description   Substitute for loading dye
Storage   12 months at 4°C
Protocol   For laboratory only. Not for clinical applications.
    1. Prepare a 100ml agarose solution.
    2. Mix gentle without having any air bubbles.
    3. Let the solution cool down to 60-70℃ and cast the gel.
    4. Mix samples and DNA markers with a MaestroSafeTM Nucleic Acid Loading Dye at 1:10 dilution rate.
    5. View the results under traditional UV light after electrophoresis.