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  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司
  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司
  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司
  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司
  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司
  • Maestrogen, Inc., 盟基生醫, 盟基生醫股份有限公司

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MaestroNano Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer
Cat. No. MN-913  Size: 27.6 x 27.6 x 12 (cm)


Measures DNA, RNA (A260) and Protein (A280) concentrations and sample
      purity (A260/A280 ratio)
Only 2 μL volumes needed to quantify DNA, RNA and proteins concentration.
Large concentration range (2 ng/µL – 2,000 ng/µL dsDNA) without dilutions
Direct, easy measurements in less than 3 seconds 
Simplicity of use – just pipette and wipe
Low-cost operation – no plates or other consumables
An easy handling thermal printer
NO calibration needed (maintenance free technology , which does not require any
      recalibration or adjustment)
Only focus on the wavelengths for 230nm, 260nm, and 280nm
Save space on the benchtop with its very small footprint
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Why you should have a MaestroNano, please see the video linked below.

Measurement Sample Size
Measurement Data Output
 1. OD230nm, OD260nm, OD280nm
 2. Sample Concentration (ng/μL)
 3. OD260nm/OD230nm, OD260nm/OD280nm
Light Propagation Material
Quartz Fiber
Minimum Concentration
2 ng/μL(dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration
2000 ng/μL(dsDNA)
~ 0.5mm
Measurement Time
< 5 sec.
Operation Voltage
24V DC
Operation Power Consumption
Stand by :5 W
When drive thermal printer:15~24W
Data Output Interface
Liquid crystal display, Thermal printer
Printer Paper Width/Print Width
58mm / 48mm
LCD Resolution
240(W) × 160(H) dots matrix
System Structure
Embedded system, No PC
Light Source
Xenon flash lamp
276.3mm x 276.3mm x 119mm
(Not including foot pad)
2.5 Kgw

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Mr. Yusuf CEYLAN Hello, i have it in lab. i would like to measure dsDNA concentration. First, i measure blank (TE buffer). Our result is (the measurement of TE) like I2 44,623 and I3 35,234. What is the meaning of I2 and I3? What should i see?  2015/1/2
Mr. CALVIN van greunen please contact me...your website is not working properly...quote me and send and brochure on your nano spectophotometer,,, 2013/11/4
Mr. kyoungtae kim hello, I want to USB connection method, What is USB connetion program of PC?? Please, answer the Korean..  2012/1/10
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