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UltraSlim LED Illuminator, BLACK, 470nm, easy to cut gel
Cat. No. SLB-01  Size: 1 unit

MaestroGen UltraSlim LED illuminator offers the feasibility of easy gel cutting and stylish design.

Compact: 30 mm in height, THINNEST in the world now to enlarge your laboratorial space
User Friendly: Easy to view and cut gel (NO need to wear amber glasses)
Light: Convenient to move around (for personal)
Safe: Blue LEDs do not cause burn to your eyes and skins; NO DNA damage inherent to UV
Sensitive: Optimized for use with most nucleic acid and protein stains, sensitivity up to 0.5 ng
• Uniform: <10% coefficient of variance (CV) in the central viewing area 

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The link below shows the video of MaestroGen UltraSlim.

• Dimensions (mm): 210D x 210W x 30H

• Viewing surface (mm): 120D x 70W

• Sensitivity: up to 0.5 ng

• Uniformity: < 10 % CV (coefficient of variance)

• LED Wavelength (nm): 470

• Power: 24V - 1.25A

• Weight (kg): 2.3

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Dr. Shuoting Yan I like Slim because it is so compact for our lab bench.  2010/11/3
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